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      Hello, I am a man with leadership skills to get you to a healthier place on your fitness journey.

      While looking back at my life I see how far I have came and there is no turning back. I Started my weight loss journey weighing over 280 pounds plus. I knew this was not healthy, so I decided to take a change in my life by properly eating and signed up at a gym. I wanted it so badly that I paid for the whole year up-front because I knew that this was going to be my new lifestyle. I knew if I did not take control now, I may loose myself. Once I started the gym and eating properly I started loosing the weight, gaining muscle and feeling better and better each day. I was sluggish, slow and now I have much more energy than I had before. As I inspired my peers to workout with me it had became more and more to me that I had become a role model in fitness. I now mentor all those I encounter to have a healthier lifestyle while looking and feeling great. Along with training with friends and family I give everyone the instructions and guidance they need and ask for. During the years of my fitness journey I have become more excited from seeing and hearing others success stories. This has now become my dream to help as many people as I can to become a better person from being more fit and healthier on their fitness journey. This has inspired me to give a mission.

            My mission is to connect like minded individuals to support and encourage each other mentally, spiritually, and physically all while creating a positive fitness community. 

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