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      Hailing from the suburban streets of Neptune, New Jersey, and making my way to Falls Church, Virginia, I found my home away from home when I was transplanted to the vast landscapes of Texas in 2009. Now, you might wonder what brings a Northeast native down to the heart of the South. My journey is one of passion, transformation, and a touch of savagery. While my heart still yearns for a slice of New York-style pizza (an undeniable guilty pleasure of mine), I've embraced the Texan spirit wholeheartedly. Among the many facets that define me, my adoration for the swift and sleek Cheetah stands out. It's no surprise that my favorite movie is 'The Matrix', a cinematic masterpiece that seamlessly weaves speed, agility, and a deep-rooted quest for truth - mirroring my own life in many ways. Fitness, for me, has always been a gateway to unleash the competitive beast within. My days on the basketball court and the electrifying feeling of being the fastest man on the track, especially during 100-meter sprints and sprint relays, shaped my initial bond with physical well-being. But it was Muy Thai that truly rekindled the savage spirit in me. Embracing the "Art of the Eight Limbs", I embarked on a transformative weight loss journey that rejuvenated my sense of well-being. This martial art form not only sculpted my body but also reshaped my mindset. Today, my mission is simple: to share this profound experience with anyone, anytime, anywhere. My story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that come with dedication, passion, and a dash of savagery. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

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