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      Greetings, I was born in the state of Illinois and then moved to the state of Louisiana at the age of 7. I then began enjoying all kinds of good seafood and snacks. I had gained so much weight to where I didn't recognize myself of what it became. Everything changed in 2020 when I heard about a 6-week fitness program being offered at a local gym in my area. Something inside me urged me to give it a shot, and that decision was a game-changer. Stepping into the gym, I felt like a fish out of water, but I was determined to make a positive change in my life. I started becoming more active and engaged with the incredible people I met there. The support and camaraderie pushed me to keep going.​Before long, I began to see remarkable changes in myself. I lost weight, gained strength, and improved my overall health. However, my journey took an unexpected turn when I discovered I had a thyroid condition. Instead of letting it discourage me, I saw it as another challenge to overcome. I pushed myself even harder to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. What fuels my passion as a fitness trainer is helping others achieve their goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. I firmly believe in a well-rounded approach to fitness, which includes cardio, conditioning, strength training, and flexibility. It's not just about physical transformation; it's about personal growth, discipline, and self-discovery. In addition to training, I've ventured into designing fitness clothing that combines style and functionality. I want my clients to feel confident and comfortable during their workouts. At Accountability First Fitness, I've created a community where people can find the support and encouragement they need to embark on their fitness journeys. My story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience in achieving health and fitness goals. So, let's embark on this journey together and work towards a healthier, happier you.

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